The Postgraduate Program consists of five sectors, which are a priority in Agriculture. Specifically the sectors that can be followed by the candidates are:

 I.    Plant Breeding and Plant Biotechnology with Emphasis  into the Production of  Propagating Material and the Food Quality

It aims to strengthen agricultural research, developing new technology and supporting the work of agronomists and other scientists working in the fields of Plant Breeding, Plant and Seed Crop Biotechnology, Technology Seed and Propagating Material Production and Technology and Food Quality. Graduate scientists will be employed in the public and private sector, educational institutions and international organizations.

II.   Crop Production and Environment

It aims at deepening the sustainable cultivation of all plant species of national interest, innovation in cultivation, rural environment and biodiversity, the physiology of stress and management of the farm and its products. The graduate acquires the knowledge to deal as a consultant in agribusiness and as a researcher that can solve practical problems, to implement innovative practices in crop production and its products.

III.  Phytomedicine and Environment

It aims to provide specialized knowledge relating to the protection of crop and vegetable capital in agricultural and natural or urban – suburban ecosystems. Strategies and methods to tackle pest problems are analyzed based on environmental protection, sustainability, and conservation of ecosystems with emphasis on ecological and economic dimensions. Modern methods of detection and diagnosis of pathogens, pests and unaccepted residues in plants and derived products are also analyzed. Graduates will be able to engage in agribusiness consultants in plant protection and environmental protection as well as executives and government researchers.

IV.  Agricultural Engineering – Natural Resources Management

It aims to deepen the applications of engineering and technology in agricultural production and processing products. Knowledge from the fields of plant and animal biology is coupled with the general principles of engineering having as goal to optimize their use in agricultural production. Graduates will be able to work as consultants for agricultural engineering companies, or as researchers that can solve practical problems on innovative practices in agricultural production and processing.

V.   Environmental Management

It aims to promote scientific knowledge and the development of research on issues related to environmental management. Graduates will gain expertise in the fields of management of agricultural, natural and partly of the urban environment. Graduates will be employed in the private and public sectors as environmental management consultants as well as in agencies, institutes, and research bodies.