The School of Agricultural Sciences is located in the area of N. Ionia of Magnesia in a building of total area of 15,000 sq.m. In this place exist and operate the following Laboratories of the Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment:

1. Laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding
2. Laboratory of Agronomy and Applied Crop Physiology
3. Laboratory of Weed Science
4. Laboratory of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology
5. Laboratory of Agricultural Hydraulics
6. Laboratory of Phytopathology
7. Laboratory of Soil Science
8. Laboratory of Mineralogy- Petrology
9. Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control
10. Laboratory of Biometry
11. Laboratory of Agricultural Machinery
12. Laboratory of Pomology
13. Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Plants
14. Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Agricultural Pharmacology
15. Laboratory of Ecosystems Management and Biodiversity
16. Laboratory of Vegetable Production
17. Laboratory of Food Technology, Quality Control and Food Safety

The laboratories equipment and the library support the Postgraduate Program. Also the experimental field of the University of Thessaly in Velestino which covers a total area of about 200ha and consists of a variety of trees, greenhouses, necessary equipment and laboratories which are used for the purposes of laboratory exercises and master Thesis.